Loteria de Pozo Maker printer designer

Loteria De Pozo Maker

Loteria de Pozo Maker printer designer screenshotTo print the Style 1 of Loteria de Pozo all the images for the deck have to be split in two, top and bottom sections using the Process Image Tool.

1. Select the frame and background color, style, number of Playingboards.

2. Open the folder where the images are stored.

3. click on Print to preview the playing boards.









Using the Image Process Tool to slice images

The image Image processor Tool can resize, convert, add borders, numbers and slice images. The following tutorial will teach you how to slice images for Loteria de Pozo.

Start by creating a new folder

1. On Loteria Workshop main window click on [PROCESS IMAGES]
2. Click [NEXT]
3. On the upper left panel select the Folder where the images are stored
4. Click the button [SELECT ALL]
5. Click the button [ADD]
6. Click [NEXT]
7. Ignore the Resize To setting and click [NEXT]
8. Ignore the border settings and click on [NEXT]
9. Ignore the Numbers settings and click [NEXT]
10. Select the output folder (the place where you are going to storage all your new pictures) then click [NEXT]
11. Uncheck the options: Convert to BMP, Resize and Insert Border,
12. Check the option: SPLIT
14. Click [Next] wait until the program finish splitting the images then click [FINISH]
15. Open the output folder with the Loteria De Pozo Maker then print.


Key Features

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