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Loteria Mobile Deck

Loteria Mobile Deck is the iPhone and Android companion to Loteria Workshop. No more need to cut out your Loteria Workshop Card Deck from paper sheets, just print your playing boards and use your Phone as your digital card deck.
Easy to use just like a real paper card deck, it contains the 54 images included with Loteria Workshop.








Download Loteria Mobile Deck to your iPhone or iPod from Apple's iTunes, it's free


Quick Guide:

To play just touch the SHUFFLE button once or several times then to announce the cards touch the button NEXT.


The Announcer

The Announcer is a free slide show generator that can be used to call out Loteria or Bingo games.













Options to Play audio for each image
Swap image deck
Total control over time intervals
More than 100 transition effects
Full screen display
Color or image background
User can create different projects with images and audio.

Quick start:

Download The Announcer program and the sample project.
Unzip both files.
Install the announcer
Open the sample project
Click the Start button
To stop the presentation press the key ESC then right click and select Minimize.
The Announcer Program Download  
Help File Download  
Sample Project Download  
Sample Project with Audio Download  
Guia En Español Download  


If you find this freeware useful donate 5 dollars to UNICEF