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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in Loteria Workshop?
Loteria Workshop for Mac
Save cards as JPEG, HTML or PDF
New Loteria Aquarelle
iPhone and Android companion card decks
Optimized for Windows 7

What operating system do I need to run Loteria Workshop?
There are 2 versions, Loteria Workshop Plus is for Windows, Loteria Workshop for Mac, you'll get both for the price of one.

Is Loteria Workshop compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7?

Does it work on a Mac?
Loteria Workshop for Mac does.

Do you provide live support for Loteria Workshop?
No, all support is handled by email.

Can I use my own images and pictures?
Yes, save or convert the images to BMP, also you can use the image Converter and the Loteria Card Wizard.

How do I create a new card deck? How do I make my own Loteria images?
You can use clipart, digital photos, drawings, scanned images and your favor image editor. It's recommended to create your images in a size larger than 216x281 then resize them Also you can use the image Converter and the Loteria Card Wizard.

How do I print to a custom size paper?
In the Print option box, click on printer properties and choose the resizing option paper size. Not all printer have a resizing option or effect.

What is the image size of the Loteria Cards for Loteria Workshop?
Smallest recommended size is: Width 216, Height 281. BMP 72DPI.

How do I get a refund?
Our limited warranty is defined as follows: Refund with valid reason only. Paper thickness, ink colors, choose images, lack of knowledge of the operating system or computer hardware are invalid reasons to ask for a refund.

Do you distribute the Don Clemente loteria images?
Unfortunately not, CYPSA is the company who owns those images.

What is the best paper to print a Loteria?
Card stock paper Xerox #110.

How do I download the loteria mobile deck workshop with my Android, IPod or iPhone?
From Apple's iTunes store or the Android Market.

What is Loteria Workshop Plus?
Loteria Workshop Plus is a Software that include utilities to print Loteria, Quinielas, Bingo and numerate Tickets

How do I select the folder where my images are?
Click in the Select Images Folder button, on the browse window select the location of the images.

What is Frame Color And Background Color?
This are the options to change the colors of the Loteria Playing board background. See the tutorial.

Can I print my company logo in the playing boards?
Yes, Select the image that contain the logo in the option Select Logo.

Does Loteria Workshop Plus include a Bingo card generator?

I need 30 different Tablas and your program will not allow me to enter a number higher than 10. What is wrong?
If you need to print more than 10 playing board enter the number manually in the Tablas number. To prevent printer paper jams or other problems and because most printers won't be able to load 500 pages, I recommend to print playing boards batches of 10, 50, 100 or 200 at the time, Loteria Workshop generates different playing boards every time the print command is call so it won't duplicate any playing board. Do not try to print more than 200 playing boards at one time.

What is Loteria de Pozo?
 It's a variant of the traditional Mexican game that is played in the northern states of Mexico.

Why do we have to convert and split the images?
The layout of the loteria de pozo playing boards required the images to be sliced in half. With the convert and split utility it can be done with a few clicks.

How many playing boards can I print?
As many as you need, every time the print button is click it will generate new combinations.

What is a Pozo?
A Pozo is group of 3 images.

Loteria Card Wizard What are the steps to create a new card?
Watch the video tutorial or follow the instruction here

What is a Quiniela?
Quiniela is a game where the player guesses the results of sport matches like soccer.

 Is this a ticket design utility?
No, this utility will add numbers to the selected image.

 How many bingo cards can I print per page?
 1, 2 and 4 per page.

Why do I need to convert my images?
To use any images, Loteria Workshop requires them to be in BMP format. The image converter, splitter and resizer will convert the images just by selecting the locations of the pictures and the destination of the converted images.

 How the Loteria Mexicana became an Online Game?
 Back in 1996.... read the whole story here