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The game of Bingo is similarly to the traditional Mexican lotería but instead of colorful images, numbers and letters are used. There are different variants of the game, the American Bingo which consist of 75 numbers and the English version with 90.
The Bingo playing boards consist of 5 columns and 5 rows, each column header has been assigned a letter from the word BINGO.    


The random numbers in the columns are:
B =  1 to 15.
  = 16 to 30.
= 31 to 45
= 46 to 60.
= 61 to 75.
Plus the FREE space.

The numbers are announced by the caller while the players mark the numbers in their playing boards.
The winner claims Bingo!

Popular Bingo Rules:

Horizontal Line
Vertical Line
4 corners

Bingo Game Rules options