Loteria Mexicana Mexican Bingo

Loteria Mexicana - Mexican Bingo

Loteria Mexicana Mexican BingoThe Loteria is game of chance, Loteria is something like Bingo, using pictures instead of numbers. But Loteria is much more than that. The beautiful artwork associated with Loteria has long captivated consumers from all nationalities and walks of life. Some say that the Loteria artwork has truly captured the joy, as well as the sadness, of the Mexican history. Loteria images may be used anywhere from tapestries to blankets, to wall hangings and artwork. You are limited only by your imagination. There are Loteria contests and tournaments. Loteria devotees recite poems created for the game, and talented artists create new card images. King Charles III of Spain established la loteria nacional in 1769. The contest quickly spread across the Atlantic and profits from the national pastime helped to fund schools and hospitals.

Differences between Bingo and Loteria

In Bingo, a number/letter is randomly drawn, usually from a rotating drum. But in Loteria, a card with a colorful image is drawn from a special deck.
The board (or tabla in Spanish) is decorated with a random pattern of the images found on the cards.The announcer recites a short poem or familiar phrase which hints of the image on the card. Many times this event becomes quite colorful, as the announcer improvises using satire, witty sayings, or referring to current events. In this respect, the game can even become a social commentary.
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Rules to play Loteria (Mexican Bingo)

The traditional Lotería is a game of chance, words and images. A deck of 36 or 54 cards and 10 playing boards make a Lotería game set, Lotería workshop lets you create unlimited cards and playing boards. Lotería can be played with 3 player, the announcer who calls the cards name and riddles, verses or poems, while the other players mark their playing boards with beans or any small object. The first player completing the game will shout: Lotería! or Buenas! Popular rules are:

Full 4 Corners
4 Inside
Horizontal Line
Diagonal Line
4 inside and 4 corners
Letter Z
Letter N
4 by the corner

Loteria Mexicana Mexican Bingo rules


Loteria Mexicana Mexican Bingo custom





Doubles playingboard

To play Doubles it's necessary to make a custom playing board with 2
images of the same character in the center of the playing board.